Exolynk v0.6.1

Posted 2023-12-01 07:12:00 ‐ 1 min read

This article shows the details of the release v0.6.1.

Breaking Changes:

  • Renamed exo::dom::HighlightButton to exo::dom::Button

New Features:

  • Support for Buttons and Links within the layout <Link href="exolynk.com" /> #352
  • All button types are supporting to trigger a workflow <button workflow="wf_ident" /> #343
  • Records can be deleted when not already released
  • Other records can dynamically referenced within the <data record="ref_var" /> #334
  • SqlQuery object can be used to define more complex sql queries #344
  • Added function rune::ui::reload to reload a page #346
  • Added function rune::ui::navigate to navigate to a different page #345
  • DateTime has a Date only Setting #336
  • Dynamic variables can now be shown in the record table as columns #304
  • Workflows and Services can now be cloned #113

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed file upload for not existing referenced lists/tables #342
  • Set German names for some OOTB texts #340
  • Added missing table translations #341
  • Added missing function rune::Selection::set_selected
  • Added missing function rune::Selection::set_selected_single
  • Modeler Record Rights are filtered down to rights OOTB #349
  • Fixed auto increment bug with deleted records #350
  • Changed text size for certain fields to common 14px #348