Exolynk v0.7.0

Posted 2024-01-03 13:00:00 ‐ 4 min read

This article shows the details of the release v0.7.0.

The Exolynk release v0.7.0 implements some long standing feature request and markes the new year release.


The biggest new feature is the support for stations & company hirachy. It's now pissible to create a hirachy of stations. Existing environments should create a new model station. The result should look like this:

Users can now be assigned to one or multiple stations, they should have access towards. When a station is assigned the a user, he also receives access to all child stations. For existing environments you need to create the variable user_stations of type list for the user model (Only allow references to station).

Afterwards the user can select a specific station on the top of the menu. With this selection only records will be shown in the system, which are assigned to this station or any of it's children.

Every record in the system can now be assigned to none, one or multiple stations with the station variable. As soon a record is assigned to a station, only user can access this record, who are assigned to the same station hirachy.

Better search filter & Url formats

The selected station of a user is saved within the url parameters. To support this in the right way, the long standing feature request is now implemented to support neasted query parameter. This unfortunally breaks all urls, which have used query parameter to prefilter the search over an url. All these links need to be recreated again manually.

To prevent such a breaking change again in the close future, we also aligned other links and fixed UX issues which resulted from the old way of working.

One new feature out of this change is a new search filter, whcih works together with the stations and provides a better filtering over different model types.

In the same run, the multiselection of elements within a Selection varible can now be activated.

String markdown support

Since long we had the requirement to format text and support clickable links etc. This is now supported by a markdown editor which allows the user to write markdown manually or directly work within a editor.

Evenmore it's possible to upload new images within the markdown editor. The newly updated images are automatically created as new file records.

This change unfortuantelly resets the multiline setting of all string settings. These need now need to be resetted again manually either to Singleline, Multiline or the new Markdown value.

Following this breaking change, all VariableSetting variants have been renamed. This breaks all rune scripts which are using this setting. Our analysis showed that only some environments are impacted and it leads to a lot better readability of the workflow & service codes.

Location improvements

The map location feature was finetuned, which lead to the removel of some rendering bugs under certain conditions. In addition you can now change the location by drag & drop the marker within the map directly.

Following a list of all changes which are included with the v0.7.0 release.

Breaking Changes:

  • Rename OOTB record variable from right to access_right
  • All url queries have changed, this breaks all links for predefined filter #251 #208
  • Most variants of VariableSetting have been renamed inside the scripting
  • The string setting multiline has changed and needs to be reset

New Features:

  • Support of stations and a hirachy/company structure feature #205 #366
  • Better search filter, with the possibility to compare values #306
  • Support of markdown formatted strings #165 #105
  • Added automatic backup scripts for the database and files every night
  • New items can be added at the top or bottom of a list or table #355 #369
  • Support of multi select of the Selection datatype #238
  • Added Setting to allow only adding to tables / no removes allowed #237
  • The point of a location can now be changed by drag & drop of the marker #361
  • Update of all rust dependencies
  • This release blog #371

Bug Fixes:

  • Stop double execution of workflows when cliking links #357
  • Fixed searching issue with prefiltered urls #356
  • Command bar text is now shown completly again when possible #365
  • Fixed server caching problem for new environments #364
  • Download and viewing of .json files is now working #363
  • The map of a location is always rendered correctly #360
  • The documentation is now always displaying the dark mode correctly #370
  • The record page is not lowing it focus when a value changes #368