Exolynk v0.7.1

Posted 2024-01-12 11:00:00 ‐ 2 min read

This article shows the details of the release v0.7.1

The Exolynk release v0.7.1 implements some new features and bug fixes in relation to the big changes introduced with the prior version.

GDPR Support

Exolynk can create a table listing all variables and their Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with additional needed information. With this export exolynk provides you out of the box with all needed information for your GDPR report.

Better Search Results

Our search supported the free-text search over all data and even attached files since a long time. Now we enhanced this search, so that it finds the right records for you, even when you have misspelled some word in your search. Furthermore we now support the filtering of multiple status within the UI.

More Table customization

Like lists, the tables in exolynk are now adding new rows at the top by default. This behaviour can be changed within the modeler. Furthermore it's now possible to only allow the editing of the last added row. For dynamically created tables, we also allow to set specific columns to a read only mode.

Following a list of all changes which are included with the v0.7.1 release.

New Features:

  • Support of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) #262
  • Better search results for free text search #373
  • Support of the user right check for rendering in the layouter #98
  • Support for filtering of multiple record status #380
  • Tables supports now only the addition of rows #375
  • Support of read only table columns #372
  • Support the deletion of not active pages #376
  • Added new_row_top() function for tables #384

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed search filter bugs #380
  • Fixed calender rendering issue on first load #377
  • Popups are working again for home & pages #378
  • Tabs and Commands should always be visible now
  • Load only needed amount of records and always fill the screen #379
  • Added page_edit right as default for admins for new environments