Exolynk v0.8.0

Posted 2024-02-01 21:02:02 ‐ 2 min read

This article shows the details of the release v0.8.0

The Exolynk release v0.8.0 cleans up the needed temporary changes of the v0.7.2 release and introduces some important new functionalities.

Reverting of temporary changes from v0.7.2

The websocket communication has changed back to a binary format to reduce the size of messages. This increases the performance of the whole application slightly. With the start of the server, all login keys will remain the same and user don't need to relogin. To be able to update to version v0.8.0 the version v0.7.2 needs to be installed at the database. Otherwise the server will not start.

Improved record filtering

This udpate introduces a big update for the record filtering possibitlies. This includes every functionality which uses our custom SqlQuery functionality. It's used within rune, the system itself as well as within the Ui. Due to this change saved filters will potentially not work anymore and need to be updated. The update allows an extreme improved search of records within the system. It's now possible to search successfully against all types of data. Even when two different models have two different types of variable for the same ident. Furthermore we simplyfied the complexity for the full-text search and the improved the ordering of the results. Now we perform a word similarity search for each value a reacord has. When multiple records have the same similarity (e.g. search for 'right') these results will be ordered, by how often they have been used in the last days.

Following a list of all changes which are included with the v0.8.0 release.

Breaking Changes:

  • Changed record filter logic to support better filtering #387 #388
  • Better full text search results #392

New Features:

  • Possibility to reset admin passwords as exolynk super-admin #391
  • Rune supports StringSettings object #398

Bug Fixes:

  • Switch back to Binary based websocket communication
  • Login sessions are preserved after server start
  • New environments are created with a single transaction #53
  • References adopting to background color for the table view #241
  • New record button is adopting to model filter again #399