Exolynk v0.8.1

Posted 2024-02-07 21:02:02 ‐ 2 min read

This article shows the details of the release v0.8.1

Addon Store

The new Exolynk Addon Store allows the easy installation of OOTB layouts, workflows, services, models and pages. The installation can be performed directly within your Exolynk environment. The following rights are needed to see and use the store: 'modeler_edit', 'settings_edit' and 'pages_edit'. Within the store you have full control about which parts of an addon bundle you want to include into your environment and which you want to ignore.

All addons are available for free. Evenmore, they are public available within this GitHub Reposity. Everyone is invited to enhance the store with addiotional layouts, services and workflows. The goal of the public repository is to build a common standard for all kind of use-cases which are all compatible with each other. We have already uploaded first addons to start the open process of defining a common standard.

Following a list of all changes which are included within the v0.8.1 release.

New Features:

  • New Exolynk Addon Store available #400

Bug Fixes:

  • Better error reporting for record importing #408
  • Updating of all backend & frontend dependencies
  • Reload browser when a record is beeing deleted
  • Record importer support uppercase bool values #410
  • Record importer is not highlighting ignored columns #409
  • Update to version v0.8.0 and v0.8.1 fixed in some cases #411