Detail Settings

Explanation of the different detail settings.


The detail settings can be found within the global environment settings. To see and access this button over the global navigation, the user need to have the right settings_view. Within the settings select the detail settings from the left list. To edit the settings a settings_edit right is needed.

OOTB Settings

By default exolynk uses the following detail settings:

  • gdpr_dpa -> Defines the Data Processing Agreement for all fields within the GDPR report
  • gdpr_location -> Adds the location where all the field data is stored withint he GDPR report
  • menu_workflows -> Defines additional custom navigation menu entries, by providing a comma seperated list of environment workflow idents
  • user_layout -> This field contains the default user layout, for all users which don't have a own custom layout defined. This field can be better edited inside the User Layout page of the Global Settings
  • delete_this_env_at -> If this field is set to a date, the environment and all it's files will be deleted at the beginning of that day. The date need to be provided in the format of [year]-[month]-[day]. This operation can't be returned.

Custom Settings

It's possible to define own global settings which can be reused within all rune scripts of this environment. It's recommendet to use keys which are prefixed with your organisation name, like: org_custom_key. As value you can set any string value needed. Please don't store any secrets within the detailed settings. When a public user is defined for public pages, these settings become public available.

Never store secrets inside the detail settings, they are shared with every user.