Overview of the different Variables supported by a model.


In the Section Variables the variables of the model can be added and defined. To add a new variable click on the + Add button (fig.2). To close the left parameter section use the Back button (fig.1). Already added variables will be shown with the icon and name (fig.3). New/drafted variables will be shown without a name only with the default icon (fig.4).

Overview View

Please be aware that variables cannot be deleted after the model is released.

Edit View

General Settings

System Variable

Predefined by system (basic functions needed). Defines if this is a default Variable (System Variable) or not. Cannot be changed by user.


Defines if Variable is already released or not (in draft state)


Human readable ID (unique in context). Can contain only small letters, subline, full numbers, first possition need to be a letter (will automatically change to small if big letters are entered).


Variable Name, full text no limitations. Translations can be added with the Globe-Button (fig.7.a).


Variable Description, full text no limitations. Translations can be added with the Globe-Button (fig.8.a).


Defines if this variable is required or not.

Variable Access Rights

Change = write + change of additional options
Write = general write access
Hide = Variable hidden in front-end eg. required for a password
Read = general read access

Value Type

Value Type defines the Datetype of this variable.
Variable Datatypes:
Bool = true or false
Float = floating point number like 1.234
Ident = text to identify names only allows base characters
Integer = a full number like 1 or 1234
Language = fulltext translatable for each language
List = Setting just visible if "change" access right
Reference = Reference to another record (UUID internal) will alwys displayed Ident
Selection = selectionlist and dropdown
String = fulltext no limitations
Version = full numbers

Value Type cannot be changed after Model is released.

-> Model, variable, code(workflow and services) ident alwyas use prefix: ex "exl_role"

Default Value

The option ``Default Value` is used to set a default value for that Variable. E.g.