GDPR Report

Explanation of the GDPR report.


The GDPR report can be found within the global environment settings. To see and access this button over the global navigation, the user need to have the right settings_view.

Report Explanation

The GDPR record is automatically created based upon the different information defined within the system. It can be be downloaded as .csv file to archive it or share the report with other trusted parties.

  • Model -> The ident of the model the data is coming from
  • Variable -> The ident of the variable the data is coming from
  • Datatype -> The data type of the variable
  • GDPR Variable Description -> Should describe the privacy usage of the variable. This can be defined for each variable in the modeler
  • Location -> The location the data is stored. The first part is automatically generated. The second part can be defined within the detail settings.
  • Data Processing Agreement -> Should be a link to the DPA used. This entry is defined within the detail settings.